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ASI vs CMS: Sommeliers Choice Awards Explains

20/12/2022 | If you want to advance in a sommelier career, qualifications are now almost indispensable. Here is a brief introduction to the two top programs: the Association de la sommellerie international (ASI) and the Court of Master Sommeliers (CMS).


How Wine Distribution Buyer Thinks And Works

16/12/2022 | Ian Louisignau, Director of Sales & Portfolio Manager at Maverick Wine Company talks about their role in the wine and spirits world, how they operate, what kind of suppliers they are looking for, and how suppliers can partner with them.


Important Wine Trends in 2023

06/12/2022 | Some niche wine markets and consumer patterns change quickly, while other trends continue for years or decades. Here are the top wine trends on the horizon for 2023.


10 Winemakers On Most Important Skill In Winemaking

08/11/2022 | Patience, physical strength, curiosity, self-belief, time management, winemaking and grape growing knowledge, and team members are some of the most important skills needed to be a good winemaker.


Defining the Luxury Wine Category and Making It Work for You

09/09/2022 | Luxury wine is a growing and profit-making category but remains hard to define. Understanding luxury wine and what’s required for establishing successful sales and customer relations programs should be the goal of all fine dining sommeliers and independent wine merchants.


How To Operate As A Top Sommelier and Wine Director

08/09/2022 | Going live from Mountain View, California, Paul Carayas, Wine Director and Sommelier for Michelin-star restaurant 'Chez TJ' shares insights on how to become a better sommelier and optimize wine sales.