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Will Parsons

Vice President, International Operations & Global Portfolio Manager at PARSONS FINE IMPORTS

Meet Will Parsons, a passionate young entrepreneur and enthusiast in the world of wines and spirits. With an eye for quality and a palate finely tuned through deliberate tasting, he has embarked on a journey that has shaped his career and love for wine. As a co-founder of wine import business, Parsons Fine Imports, Will plays a pivotal role in bringing exceptional wines from the country of Georgia to enthusiasts' glasses. He has a strong commitment to sourcing unique and distinctive wines that display the true essence of Georgian winemaking. Fueling his passion for wine, Will obtained his certificate in Georgian Wine from the Napa Valley Wine Academy then expanded his expertise by earning a certificate from the University of Kentucky in Distillation, Wine, and Brewing Sciences. This comprehensive understanding of the production process allows him to appreciate wine not only as a product but as an art form crafted with skill and passion. His thirst for knowledge extends beyond the classroom, as Will has traveled extensively throughout Europe, forging connections with winemakers and immersing himself in the rich tapestries of European viticulture and oenology. These firsthand experiences have deepened his understanding of terroir, technique, and tradition, enriching his perspective as a wine professional. Currently, Will leads educational tastings of his business’ wine portfolio, teaches classes on Georgian Wine, and works alongside respected restaurants to curate wine pairings for fine dining experiences. Will represented his company at the Wines of Georgia Grand Tasting in New York and hopes to continue educating the masses on the birthplace of wine.

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