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Best Prosecco Wines To Try in 2020

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25/01/2020 Get fizzy, sip on some liquid gold and get your bubbly party started with these 6 prosecco wines.

While it’s true that you can’t get enough love from one bottle, do you still plan on popping those expensive bottles of Champagne when you can get that Champagne like fizz but at an affordable price?

Just like Champagne, Prosecco is also a sparkling wine. Although it is often compared to Champagne, it is made with different grape varietal and a completely different winemaking process. One of the major reasons for Prosecco being more affordable has to do with the way it is produced. Prosecco is made using the  Charmat method—a process where the secondary fermentation takes place in large steel tank. This technique not only keeps the production cost down but also creates a fresh and fruity wine that goes down with whatever the occasion maybe.

Here are some tempting and versatile sparklers which were tasted and rated by the judges of Sommeliers Choice Awards that can be enjoyed as an aperitif, or as palate cleanser or in cocktails. Pop, Fizz, Cheers!   

Zonin Prosecco   

Country: Italy

Produced by:  Zonin USA, Inc.

The color of Zonin Prosecco is pale, straw yellow with subtle green hues. It has persistent perlage, and rich mousse.  On the nose it is sophisticated and elegant, enhanced by pleasing fruity notes. The palate is dry and pleasantly fruity with a fresh, aromatic note on the finish which reveals an abundance of almonds and hints of fresh citrus. It pairs with wide selection of dishes such as Caprese salad, crab cakes, pan-seared salmon with lemon and basil, chicken pesto with angel hair pasta, or fine desserts. This non-vintage wine has 11% ABV. This wine won two special category awards at the 2019 Sommeliers Choice Awards - Sparkling Wine of the Year BTG and Wine of the Year By Country.

Cuvée del Fondatore   

Country: Italy

Produced By:  Ca’ di Rajo

This wine is bright, and straw yellow in color.  The perlage is delicate and persistent. It has intense and elegant aroma of Acacia flowers with particular notes of apple, lemon and grapefruit. This full-bodied wine has a good structure which is soft and balanced with fruity notes; it is pleasant and harmonious on the palate. This 2018 vintage has 14% alcohol by volume.

Grande Cuvee Del Fondatore Motus Vitae     

Country: Italy

Produced by: Bortolomiol

This pale yellow wine has a persistent and fine perlage. On the nose it is fragrant and aromatic. The flowery bouquet demonstrates an austere, not aggressive character, a prelude to the dry, vibrant and powerful flavour. Here you can be daring with accompanying dishes: apart from being a classic accompaniment to sea food, the good structure of this wine means it is perfect with white fish such as turbot, and white meats such as delicately prepared suckling pig. This 2017 vintage has 12% ABV.

Salton Prosecco 

Country: Brazil

Produced by: Vinícola Salton S.A.

This creamy and refreshing wine is light yellow in color with greenish reflections. It has abundant detachment of fine bubbles. Its aromas are fruity, expressing notes of apple, pear and citrus, as well as some floral nuances. In the mouth, it is light and refreshing, with a well integrated acidity. The of marked freshness is dominated by notes of fruits such as pear, apple and melon, citrus fruits and white flowers.


Country: Italy

Produced by: Ca’ di Rajo

Lemoss has straw yellow color with green highlights. It is slightly cloudy due to the presence of yeast. It has an intense aroma of bread crust, yeast, Acacia flowers, with particular notes of apple, lemon and grapefruit. It tastes fresh with good structure. It is pleasant and harmonious on the palate.

Prosecco Doc Treviso     

Country: Italy

Produced by: Ca’ di Rajo

This bright and yellow wine has a perlage which is delicate and persistent. The bouquet reminds of acacia flowers, of good intensity with particular notes of apple, lemon and grapefruit. This balanced and full-bodied wine has a good and soft structure which is emerging with fruity notes;  it is pleasant and harmonious on the palate.