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17 Wicked White Wines for Halloween

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16/10/2019 Here are the top 17 wicked white wines for your ghouls and ghost party that'll be perfect for your Hallo-Wine bash.

With the night falling early, and jack O’ lantern on the porch, it’s time for some wicked fun. Turns out, Halloween isn’t only for kids. The spookiest holiday of the year has an entirely different meaning when you are a grown-up. There are far more treats than tricks. Wine is your adult candy.

And let’s take this as an excuse (as if we needed one) to drink some really good wine. And if we’re going to drink some spook-tacular wines, shouldn’t they be the best rated? That’s common sense, right?

Whether you’re hosting a party at home or if you’re a restaurant or wine bar owner hosting a Halloween bash at your restaurant here are our top 17 wicked white wines from around the world which were tasted and rated by a panel of leading Masters of  Wine, Master Sommeliers, on-premise wine buyers and wine directors which are perfect for spooky sips this fall. All these wines have won double gold/gold medal at the 2019 Sommeliers Choice Awards.

1. Culinaria Chenin Blanc 2017

Producer: Leopard's Leap Family Vineyards

Country: South Africa

Made with 100% Chenin Blanc, this wine has a well-defined ripe fruit character, showing aromas of ripe white peach and melon. These aromas are supported by sweet-spice flavours and a vibrant acidity. Elegant oak nuances give this wine its structure and make it a uniquefood companion

2. Lot 631

Producer: Cameron Hughes Wine

Country: United States

The 2017 Lot 631 was awarded Wine of the Year By Varietal (Pinot Gris) at the 2019 Sommeliers Choice Awards. You can expect aromas of honey, almond, acacia flower, citrus zest and asian pear immediately out of the glass. A pleasant delineation on the palate introduces yellow apple, wet stones, and hints of melon with a clean finish that carries a kiss of spice.

3. Vintners white 2018

Producer: White Horse Winery

Country: United States

Vintners White is a blend of Albariño, Riesling, and Vidal Blanc. It has grapefruit & lemongrass notes and has dry and refreshing finish.

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4. 2017 Blueprint     

Producer: Lail Vineyards 

Country: United States     

This wine has intense aromas of mango, nectarine, honeysuckle, pineapple and lime zest. Adding further intrigue and complexity are flavors of yellow peach, vanilla, honeydew melon and Bosc pear. Exhibiting classic varietal energy and nerve, this is a beautiful and vibrant vintage for this distinctive wine.

5. Gloria Ferrer Caves & Vineyards        

Producer: Freixenet Sonoma Caves

Country: United States

This wine displays aromas of Asian pear and ripe apple with a touch of honey and vanilla. The mouth is greeted with a rich and creamy mousse and the fruit of the nose continues on adding crème brûlée and stone fruit layered over black cherry. The finish is long and wraps up with hint of fresh ginger.

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6. Brut Millésime 2008

Producer: Champagne Henriot  

Country: France

Next on the countdown of top 17 wicked white wines for Halloween is Brut Millésime 2008 which has Citrus  fruit  and  yellow  fruit  aromas that dominates  the  palate,  together  with  vine  peach  and  nectarine, and a discrete floral, blossom dimension.  Subtle notes of honey and candied lemon bring a full-flavoured edge, together with silky character. Freshness and airy lightness command on the palate. Grapefruit, apricot, citron and fresh citrus fruit come to life, followed by lingering notes of pate de fruit, yet constantly underscored by great minerality. Very long, refined, silky and refreshing on the finish.

7. Ktima Brintziki Enipeas 

Producer: Ktima Brintziki

Country: Greece

With intense floral aromas, crisp acidity in the mouth and elegant aftertaste, this wine undergoes white vinification with pre-fermentation extraction and maturation on fine lees.

8. Maison de Grand Esprit  

Producer: Treasury Wine Estates

Country: France

This wine has a nose of white nectarine, toasted almonds and a sense of minerality.  A balanced example with good length, the mousse is persistent and elegant. White stone fruit and a touch of citrus can be noted.

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9. 2017 La Follette Wines

Producer: Quivira Vineyards and La Follette Wines

Country: United States

Experience the aromas of Tarte Tatin and caramelized Golden Delicious apple entice. Meyer lemon, ripe white nectarine, grilled pineapple, hazelnut, and subtle brioche come through early in the palate then combine with lemon curd, key lime, and a bit of yeastiness further in the flavor profile. The zesty finish has brilliant acidity providing an electric counterpoint to the riper aromas and flavors. Viscous in nature with a rich, round mouthfeel.

10. 2016 Chardonnay 

Producer: Fathers + Daughters Cellars

Country: United States

A smooth yet vibrant mouthfeel this wine has notes of fresh-cut white peaches which sets this sophisticated and invigorating Chardonnay apart from the crowd. On the palate, it has lively citrus tones which are moderated by weight and texture: lemon, grapefruit and guava are matched by caramel, pistachio, and green apple. This wine is both focused and nuanced, with a smooth body and a mouth watering Champagne finish.

11. Amaze Muscat Sparkling Wine  

Producer: Cooperativa Vinicola Garibaldi LTDA

Country: Brazil

This wine has clean and fresh aromas which reminds of fruits such as melon and passion fruit. It is light and delicate, balanced greatly by sugar and acidity which proposes freshness similar to that of ripe citrus fruits.

12. 2017 Elaine         

Producer: Elaine Wines LLC

Country: United States

The 2017 Elaine won Wine of the Year By Varietal (Chardonnay) at the Sommeliers Choice Awards. This elegant, Russian River Valley Chardonnay has notes of lemon, apple, pear and tangerine. It is barrel fermented by native yeast and aged in 50% new French oak.

13. 2018 te Pa Sauvignon Blanc     

Producer: te Pa Family Vineyards

Country New Zealand

This is a fruit-driven and expressive Sauvignon Blanc, grown from premium vineyards across the world-famous Marlborough region of New Zealand. The 2018 Sauvignon Blanc by te Pa Vineyards won Wine of the Year By Country (New Zealand) award.

14. 2018 Bird in Hand

Producer: Bird In Hand

Country: Australia

An elegant wine exhibits tropical fruit flavours like passionfruit, grapefruit etc. It has herbaceous, citrusy, fresh and intense palate with regional minerality and a creamy textured lively finish. Bird in Hand scooped up Wine of the Year By Varietal (Sauvignon Blanc)special category award at the 2019 Sommeliers Choice Awards.

15. 2018 Burgans

Producer: Bodegas Martín Códax

Country: Spain

Taking away the Wine of the Year by Country (Spain) award is our 2018 Burgans which features traces of ready apples, apricots, and peach fragrances. In the mouth, it is rich, smooth and well balanced. The lingering flavor is completely adjusted and off-dry on the palate with delicious natural product flavors, clean acidity and a long, mineral-ruled completion.

16. 2016 Schlumberger  


Producer: Niche Import Co.

Country: Austria

Schlumberger won the special category award and was crowned Sparkling Wine of the Year. It has an expressively fruity aroma, it is deliciously dry, fresh, and spicy, with a lingering finish. It is peppered with subtle hints of apple, pear, ginger.

17. 2016 Armand Riesling Kabinett       

Producer: Weingut Reichsrat von Buhl GmbH

Country: Germany  

 And finally our 2019 White Wine of the Year was awarded to Armand Riesling Kabinett which has ABV of 8% and exotic notes with a spicy finish from this vintage. The sweetness is perfectly countered by the invigorating acidity.

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