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White Horse Winery: Specializing in fine, old-world style wines.

Photo for: White Horse Winery: Specializing in fine, old-world style wines.

11/12/2019 Explore the brand new Winery & Vineyard of New Jersey! White Horse Winery introduces the combination of the best-refined process of new & old-world style wines.


White Horse Winery is situated on a lovely and rustic 58 acres ranch, consolidating the most refined procedures of new and old-world style wines.

White Horse Winery is the climax of the Vinton Family vision to make a head winery in southern New Jersey.


Owners Brock Vinton and Brock J. Vinton II have made a one of a kind goal to exhibit their home-grown wines and offer their adoration for their speciality.

Meet their owners, peruse about their mind-boggling winemaker, Seferino, and Event Manager, Jennifer.

Brock Vinton

White Horse Winery Proprietor

Brock is an effective land engineer whose introduction to wine goes back to the late 1960s.

In view of his involvement in fine wines, he understood the potential for making wines in New Jersey which could contrast well and anything from Europe and California.

He and his child B.J. have assembled a total present-day winemaking office, at first planting 18 acres of land of grapes.

They will create a few varietal-explicit New Jersey wines, just as unique mixes made with grapes from their Lodi, California family association.

Brock Vinton II

White Horse Winery Proprietor

Brock Vinton II enthusiasm for wine started before he was mature enough to savour the US. As a youngster, he had needed to begin a boutique wine bringing in business. He worked in the Vineyards and basements at the age of 16.

As yet looking for a course, he finished an undergrad theory on the fate of the smaller scale fermenting section of the preparing business. Be that as it may, as it's been said, "life set in" and after school, he got down to business in assembling R&D, in the end began a building organization and among different activities created and protected a breeze turbine. At the point when the open door at long last emerged to begin a winery, he held onto it.


White Horse Winery Winemaker

Seferino Cotzojay, a Guatemalan local, began his winemaking vocation on the eastern finish of Long Island, NY, one of the nation's top developing districts. Working with a few unique winemakers, Seferino immediately took in the intricate subtleties of the winemaking procedure. His enthusiasm and commitment to his art before long made him the Assistant Winemaker at Bedell Cellars, an honour winning winery whose wines have been served in The White House. With his over 10 years of involvement with the winemaking business, they are satisfied to report that Mr Cotzojay is bringing his one of a kind blend of old and new world style winemaking to White Horse Winery.

Seferino has been highlighted in a few productions including the Wall Street Journal.!


White Horse Winery Wines

White Horse Winery is focused on Red, White, and Rose Wines.

 Check out some of their Award-winning Wines:

 2016 Merlot Reserve

 2017 Cabernet Franc Reserve

 2018 Chardonnay

 2017 Chardonnay - Barrel Fermented

White horse Winery wines have won total 8 medals including 2 Gold at the 2019 Sommeliers Choice Awards

Facilities at White Horse Winery

White Horse Winery is a destination from Special Wine Events to Private parties.


WHW Events

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Private Events

White Horse Winery is the one-stop place for the fantastic venue for birthday, graduation, anniversary, bachelorette party, etc. 

Tasting Room

White Horse Winery Tasting Room

White Horse winery provides daily Tasting services!

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