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The Kincade Incident: Updates From Cal Fire Briefing

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29/10/2019 The wildfire which started in the Sonoma, Lake, and Napa Counties of Eastern California, is proving to be highly destructive. However, officials are optimistic about the coming week.

Updated On October 29, 2019

My heart goes out to the victims of the Kincade incident. The wildfire has been growing and is proving to be indeed very expensive in terms of property, as well as the manpower required, to deal with the raging fire.

The first respondents to the scene have worked tirelessly over the week to contain the calfire. It stands at 15% contained, the same as Monday night.

Sources say that the fire sprung on the North-Eastern coast of California and it grew overnight. The wildfire has covered more than 76,000 acres of land in and around the Sonoma, Lake, and Napa counties.

The firefighters at the scene account for over 90,000 structures to be threatened by the inferno, most of which are homes.

More than 124 structures have been destroyed till now, of which over 20 were homes.

2 firefighters were injured, one of whom has been flown to the UC Davis Medical Centre with burn injuries. He is in a stable condition and with his family now.

The weather forecast says that it’s going to be windy. A Red Flag Warning is now in effect and will continue until 4 p.m. Wednesday. Windspeed at upper elevations, such as near mountain St. Helena, were recorded to be around 30-40 miles/hour. The winds are pushing the embers further, causing the fire to spread. Things do look good, however, once this wind event is over, according to the forecast. More tranquil weather is expected over the next 5-7 days, however, rain is not expected. Repopulation will be considered only after the winds become more peaceful.

The fields are dry and there is very less moisture in the air which is one of the major reasons why the fire grew at this pace and scale.

But our respondents aren’t held back, they are matching the fire in pace as well as scale. There are over 4500 firefighters out there battling the wildfire. Their number 1 priority is to build a solid containment line and defend as many structures as possible to minimize damage. There are over 140 different law enforcement agencies on mutual aid, handling the evacuation and damage control situation in the region, as per the Sonoma County Sheriff, who, along with us, is thankful to the agencies and the State for the aid provided.

The sheriff’s department will be continuously evaluating the situation and getting out the updates immediately. They have urged people to reach out to helpline 211, or on socoemergency.org for any kind of information and support that you may require.

You can also stay updated with the ongoing situation on Nixle and social media platforms. The Sonoma County regional radio channels, KSRO radio and KZST radio are providing continuous coverage on the situation too.

Officials are optimistic about the situation next week, however, they feel that the next 2 days are going to be a tough ride. Let's hope for the best, and keep supporting our officers in their relentless efforts.

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