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Get Drinks Delivered CTO Adds "Who's Delivering" Feature

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29/04/2020 A game changing feature for the GetDrinksDelivered.com platform has been successfully launched. The Who's Delivering feature can help your consumers find you where you're delivering.

The Sommeliers Choice Awards and Beverage Trade Network team is very pleased to announce the latest update from our Chief Technology Officer, Mauricio Perez Rivas on the delivery feature of GetDrinksDelivered.com platform.

The delivery feature is a game changer...it will allow users to select mile radius and see who’s delivering them and who’s available for pick up and more importantly you will be able to set up delivery points and branches. So you as a winery can control your DTC zones and penetrate.

If you are a winery, brewery or a distillery doing pick up or delivery sales, then join GDD to get the first 90 days for free.

This is not a temporary covid-19 solution, the product will take you to the post covid world as well. Visit GetDrinksDelivered.com.

Here's a brief video about GetDrinksDelivered.com:

Registrations are Open For The Wineries, Distilleries, Breweries, Bottle Shops, and Restaurants That Are Delivering.

Reach Consumers In Your Neighbourhood Effectively during the COVID-19 Phase and Keep Your Business Doors Open.

Get Drinks Delivered is brought to you by Beverage Trade Network which organizes Sommeliers Choice Awards.

What is Get Drinks Delivered?

Get Drinks Delivered is an online platform that helps consumers discover and support small business owners that are open for direct deliveries.

Right now people are looking for deliveries, stepping out has become a very rare occurrence, as it should be. However, businesses that are delivering deserve the support in doing so during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Everyone is looking for a delivery, no one is stepping out, and with Get Drinks Delivered, those of you who are delivering can easily be recognized by customers.

Let’s not forget that visibility is the most important thing right now, and with Get Drinks Delivered, not only will customers know that you’re directly delivering - but you will also gain both visibility and credibility across the customer base.

With Get Drinks Delivered, you are also bound to gain a new customer base who are looking for delivery.

It’s as simple as it gets. Sign up, and get your delivery orders.

Can I be on Get Drinks Delivered?

Get Drinks Delivered is a platform for all restaurants, bars, wineries, breweries, distilleries, and bottle shops that are delivering right now. So if you’re offering your customers direct delivery, then you need to be on Get Drinks Delivered. Use this link to register.  

“We may very well be in this new normal till the vaccine comes, which may be 12-18 months. This new solution will help the business to get in front of consumers. This is not a backend ecommerce solution or a wine club solution software or a logistical solution – this is pure sales and orders. This will help wineries, breweries, distilleries, bottle shops and restaurants who are delivering themselves in their neighborhoods tell their consumers they are open and are delivering.  said Sid Patel, CEO and Founder of Beverage Trade Network.

“It’s a very simple solution to a very big problem. Consumers will be able to see who is delivering, what product type and which zip codes, and call the business directly. More importantly, BTN will be helping push these businesses and help them market the message to crate awareness and orders”, Sid added.

For Business Owners: Registration Now Open For The Wineries, Breweries, Distilleries, Bottle Shops, and Restaurant That Are Delivering. Reach Consumers In Your Neighbourhood Effectively In COVID-19 Phase and Keep Your Doors Open.

Register Your Business.

Who Can Register?

Wineries, Breweries, Distilleries, Bottle shops and restaurant that are delivering themselves.

For further questions, email aaron@beveragetradenetwork.com

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