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Final Call For Submission: April 20, 2022

Photo for: Final Call For Submission: April 20, 2022

01/04/2022 This is the last call for brands to enter the Sommelier's Choice Awards. Registrations close on April 20, 2022.

Cami Lehmann, Rachel Lowe, Paul Carayas, Brandon Heist, Mikayla Avedisian-Cohen, Katelyn Peil, Mia Van De Water Ms are just some of the prestigious names that are on the judging panel of the 2022 Sommeliers Choice Awards.

The Sommeliers Choice Awards has worked in the last few years to build up the pedigree of its judges and to ensure they all have direct buying responsibilities and understand the disciplines by which certain wines are chosen to go on a restaurant wine menu or wine by glass programs.

The goal of the Sommeliers Choice Awards is to provide on-premise buyers and sommeliers a valuable benchmark for understanding which wines would make a compelling addition to a wine list.

Image: Cami Lehmann (Director of Marketing, Maggiano’s Little Italy at Brinker International)

"No other competition caters specifically to what the on-premise is looking for in a restaurant wine list," Cami Lehmann. (Director of Marketing, Maggiano’s Little Italy at Brinker International)

The top two questions that sommeliers will be attempting to answer as they judge wines are: “Would we stock this?” and “Will the consumer buy the 2nd glass”.

In the forthcoming competition, Judges will also be entering tasting notes for each wine which will result in a unified tasting note that will be provided by Sommeliers Choice Awards to the entrant in a way a sommelier would talk about the wine to its customer. 

International and domestic brands looking to grow their awareness in the on-trade channels of the US market are invited to enter by March 10, 2022.


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Header Image: Rachel Lowe (Left), Brandon Heist (Right)

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