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November 22: The Most Important Day For Wine Delivery and Here's Why

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16/10/2019 The holiday season is here, and the depletion rates will go through the roof as consumers flock the stores looking for the right wine!

By - Sid Patel, CEO Beverage Trade Network

Pay attention to Nov 22. Do whatever it takes to do "as many deliveries" via your distributors to their retail customers and restaurant customers on Nov 22.

1. Give deals.

2. Build Floor Displays.

3. Be On Glass Pour Programs.

4. Give Custom Display Racks.

5. Make Holiday Case Cards - For "Thanks Giving" First and Then Change to Christmas.

And Here's Why: by now you would have guessed it.

-Nov 28

-Dec 25

-Dec 31

3 most important wine sales day will follow after your placements. Your goal is simple: let more customers drink your juice. Like any other business, you gotta have your brand at their house. The exposure you will get at large dinner gatherings, parties, restaurant dinners is extremely valuable.

The depletion rate will be fantastic as those are busy weeks. Do offer store tastings when you can and deplete.

Again: remember, reverse enginner the date...Nov 22 is the day that's best for retailers for "cashflow"...so sell them in Oct saying you will give the "deal" and delivery on Nov 22.

Plan and be first before the big suppliers give them crazy deals.

Merchandising support that wine suppliers can offer their restaurant customers in holiday season.

1. Come with special wine menu. Cut a deal with the restaurant if they buy x amount of cases and also put you in their glass program and put your name out, you will help them with the cost of special holiday menu.

2. Help them build a by the glass program. Go with the data and ask them what their no 1 selling varietal is, come up with something where they make good margins. Help them print the table tents.

3. Offer holiday winemaker micro events. Have your winemaker on the road in Nov and Dec to meet end customers and their retail customers. Let the restaurant crate some marketing around it. Goal of a restaurant is to have more footfalls…your winery maker can certainly help with that. Meet Mario and drink Malbec and Eat Steak. call it malbec steak night.

4. If you have a bar in your restaurant, decorate it. wine suppliers can help here as well.

5. Do staff training and offer quick 20 min training for their staff. don’t sell them on your wine but instead talk to them about the region or the grape varietal. Your goal is to give them knowledge so they see value in you as a supplier and that you are committed.

6. Add holiday specials in your main menu as well and offer kick backs to the restaurant.

7. Host a holiday party. Call it a pre-thanks giving party.

8. Promote ton of restaurant gift cards and that’s where you can have your wine branding. Give restaurants some money for that “ad” space.

9. Needless to say, promote on social media that your wine is on special and a great chance for everyone to try it when they go in the happy hour. Your restaurants will love you for this.