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Leveraging Wine Events To Build Sales Leads

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02/03/2020 Wine events are a great way to bring attention to your wine and increase sales. Here’s how you can leverage wine events the most.

Wine events have repeatedly proven to be immensely beneficial in boosting wine sales. They’re a great way to showcase your brand, your wine, and to meet others in the industry who might be interested in working with you. In fact, wine events are said to be one of the easiest ways to connect with people from the wine industry.

As a wine brand, it’s extremely important for you to find time and the budget to attend events whenever you can. Not only do wine events help build connections, but they can also help you boost your wine sales - if you leverage events the right way.

Let’s take a look at how you can leverage wine events to boost sales.

1. Visit trade shows where others are exhibiting

Exhibiting at shows and events is always an added benefit, but sometimes, just being a visitor is also very beneficial. At times, when you’re exhibiting, it’s tough for you to look around at other exhibitors and see what the market has to offer. However, when you’re visiting, you can take a glance at all the other wines that might potentially be your competitors.

By visiting other people’s booths, you’ll be able to see where you can improve. You can taste their wines, find out their price points, look at their marketing techniques - and then compare them with yours. It is also an easier way to find out what buyers are looking for, and see the kind of booths and wines they gravitate towards.

2. Attend events organized by your distributor/retailer

Event at distributor/retailer

Distributors and retailers tend to hold events where other buyers from the wine industry are present. A good way for you to leverage such events is by asking your distributor or retailer if your wines can be catered/served at the event. You can be a sponsor of the event, where only your wines can be catered to the guests. This way, other buyers and people from across the industry will be able to taste your wines - and you will be able to meet them right there and then. Buyers tasting your wine in front of you, and with you will help them remember your wine and put a face to the brand - which will make it easier for you to find a place on their portfolio, or help them gravitate towards your wine brand.

It will also give you leverage over other brands who will end up pitching to the buyers, as they would have already met you and connected with you at the event.

3. Enter your wines into competitions

Competitions are another great way to find out where your wine really stands in the marketplace, and a good way for buyers and industry experts to taste your product. Judges at wine competitions are usually buyers themselves, therefore it’s a great way to have your wines tasted by them. This way, you will know what more you can do to make your wine more consumer and buyer friendly. Moreover, if one of the judges loves your wine a lot, then they might just end up contacting you and striking a deal.

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4. Host wine tasting events

Hosting wine tastings is a great way to gather buyers and consumers in the same place to boost your sales. Not only will it allow buyers and consumers to meet you and taste your wines, but it will also give the buyers a chance to meet with consumers who genuinely love drinking your wine. Once buyers see that consumers are liking your wine, then they are definitely going to want to stock them in their stores, restaurants and bars.

5. Buy an exhibitor table

The first step into selling more is by showcasing your wine to a wider, and newer audience. Trade shows such as IBWSSVinexpoUSA Trade TastingProwein etc. are a great way to showcase your wine to buyers and industry experts from across the globe. If you spend a little extra, and get an exhibitor table at such events, then your wine will gain a good amount of visibility. This will give buyers to taste your wines in front of you, where you can tell them your story - and work towards cracking a deal.

By making the most of wine events, you can get your wines in front of people who would be ready to help you boost your sales. You can also get your wines tasted by buyers directly at wine events, which will give you an upper hand over others. 

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