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Is the ‘t’ in Pinot a hard ‘t’ or a silent one?

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10/04/2019 You don’t need to struggle anymore with those tricky wine names, got you covered with this pronunciation guide

In the fear of mispronouncing the name of a wine, ever found yourself meekly pointing at the menu showing the waiter of which wine you want to order, if you belong to this category, you are not alone so don’t worry.  You may feel nervous trying to figure out how to order a glass of Gewürztraminer without sounding like a numbskull. You don’t really need a lingo class from a sommelier (saw-mel-yay) to pronounce fluently those tongue-twisting wine names. It’s time that you stop mumbling under your heavy breaths and start ordering wine with confidence.    

Amarone- ah-mah-roh-nay

Alvarinho- al-vah-ree-nyoh

Alsace- al-zas

Barbera- bar-beh-ra

Barolo- bah-ro-lo

Beaujolais- boh-joe-lay

Bordeaux- bor-doh

Brut- broot

Cabernet Sauvignon- cab-er-nay saw-vi-nyon

Chianti- key-ahn-tee

Cuvée- koo-vay

Cinsault- san-soh

Chablis- sha-blee

Château Haut-Brion- shah-toh oh-bree-ohn

Châteauneuf-du-Pape- shah-toh-nuf-du-pahp

Chardonnay- shar-do-nay

Carménère- car-meh-nerr

Champagne- sham-peyn

Chinon- she-nohn

Dolcetto- dol-che-to

Gamay- ga-mey

Grüner Veltliner- grew-ner velt-lee-ner

Grenache- gruh-nash

Gewürztraminer- guh-vruts-tra-mee-ner

Hermitage- er-mee-tahj

Languedoc- lawn-geh-dock

Merlot- mer-low

Muscat- muhs-kat

Mourvedre- moor-vay-druh

Madeira- muh-dee-ruh

Nebbiolo- nay-bee-yo-lo

Nouveau- new-voe

Pinot Noir- pee-no nwar

Pinot Gris- pee-no gree

Petite Sirah- peh-tee sir-ah

Prosecco- pro-seh-koh

Pinot Grigio- pee-no gree-joe

Pinot Meunier- pee-no moon-yay

Rioja- ri-o-ha

Riesling- reez-ling

Sancerre- sahn-sair

Syrah- sir-ah

Shiraz- shuh-raz

Sauternes- soh-tehrn

Sangiovese- san-joe-ve-se

Sauvignon Blanc- soh-vee-nyon blahnk

Sémillon- seh-mee-yhon

Tempranillo- tem-pra-nee-yo

Trebbiano- treb-e-ah-no

Viognier- vee-on-yay

Vinho Verde- veen-yo vaird

Verdicchio- ver-dee-ki-oh

Verdelho- ver-dee-li-oh

Wachau- va-cow

Weissburgunder- vice-boor-dun-der

Zinfandel- zin-fan-dell