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Askaneli Brothers - Since 1880

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23/09/2020 Georgian wine producers, the 2015 Saperavi Premium by Akaneli Brothers won a Double Gold at the 2020 Sommeliers Choice Awards.

Askaneli Brothers is located in Georgia’s western Guria region, which is closer to the Black Sea and has a unique humid subtropical climate from the mountain and sea air, which is suitable for cultivating several rare grape varieties. The winery sits near the flowing Kurta River and its offices are in Tbilisi.


The history of the Askaneli Brothers began in the village Askana in the region of Guria, where the first winemaking recorded their dates as early as 1880, by the Askaneli Brothers’ ancestors. Eighteen years ago, the brothers returned to the practice of their ancestors, founding the company and revitalizing wine production in hopes to inspire the growth of Georgian wine culture internationally.

The Askaneli Brothers also own wineries in Kakheti – zone of Kindzmarauli and Guria district of Ozurgeti, village Baqavi. Saving one of the most unique species of wine called Chkhaveri is connected with the efforts of Askaneli Brothers. The company also produces several fine varieties of brandy and traditional chacha.


Zaza Grigalashvili

The image and the popularity of Georgia, as a home of wine, has been increasing at the world market day by day. Currently, we see Georgian wines in many regions of the world, and in each region, they raise special interest and admiration. Different standards and requirements operate in various parts of the world; consequently, wines produced in those places differ from each other. A Famous wine specialist, certified sommelier of the association of sommeliers of Georgia and WSET, Zaza Grigalashvili talks about the peculiarities of Georgian wine.

Image: Askaneli brothers

Natalia Sorokina

According to Natalia popularity is mainly conditioned by “old memory”.Unfortunately, a large amount of import is cheap semi-sweet wine and the image of Georgian wine is precisely this.

Image: Askaneli brothers

Anuki Giorgobiani

We met a wine specialist, Anuki Giorgobiani in the wine bar “Muse and Wine”.Anuki talked about the uniqueness, distinctive character, and advantages of the production of “Askaneli Brothers”, which, in the taster’s opinion, is a direct result of the company’s long-standing experience.

Image: Askaneli brothers

Winning Wine

Askaneli Brothers have won many awards for their delightful wines including the Sommeliers Choice Awards 2020. This time Double Gold medal winner with 96 is Saperavi Premium 2015.

Saperavi Premium 2015 maturated in an old oak barrel. Aroma: red sweet cherry, plum, small wood shades. well balanced, light sweet in the palate. Wine is harmonious, with velvety texture. Light sourness, slightly knitting shades in aftertaste. Very unusual Georgian Saperavi.

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