5 Effective Programmes To Offer Your Distributor

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26/12/2019 Distributor programmes are important in the wine industry. Here are 5 programmes to offer your distributor

As a supplier, creating programmes for your distributor has become one of the most essential parts of the game. When you offer your distributor something from your end, it benefits them, which in turn will benefit you as well. 

Offering programmes to your distributor also shows the seriousness you have in pushing your brand, and to an extent, the appreciation you have for the work they do.

Here are 5 programmes you can offer your distributor to lift your brand in the industry. 

1. Case deals for retail placements

Case deals are a good way to get your wines to reach a wider audience at the retail platform. A good way to give your wines more exposure, and keep both your distributor and retailer happy is by offering them a case deal for them to use for their marketing and tasting purposes. So, as a supplier, you can offer deals like:

  • 1 on 5 case deal

  • 3 on 10 case deal

Within the deals you offer, make sure you give the retailers and distributors the freedom to mix and match from your product line. For example, if you’re offering the ‘1 on 5 case deal’, and the 5 cases they’re purchasing is your house Merlot, then on the last case, allow them to pick other wines from your wine list as well. This will allow them to market your other wines as well, and if consumers end up liking it - then you might just get another order for a different wine. Allowing a mix and match in your case deals will bring traction to other wines from your winery/brand as well. So, it’s a win-win for you. 

2. Deal Prices

As a supplier, you need to keep in mind that you have to offer deal prices to your distributors and retailers from time to time. This is to build your relationship with an already existing account, and also to build a rapport with a new account. Deal prices will urge distributors and retailers to purchase more of your wines, as they will be getting a good deal on it. So for example, if you have a wine by the glass programme - you can offer a deal price on a mixed case. Similarly, if you’ve just opened a new account, you can also offer a deal price on a mixed case as well. 

Some of the other times you can offer a deal price is:

  • When targets are met by your distributor/retailer

  • A new sales rep being appointed for your wine

  • If you’ve finished a certain amount of time working with a distributor/retailer. 

  • When you’ve launched a new wine.

3. Incentives 

If you didn’t know already, your sales rep is the most important part of your supply chain. They’re the ones who are selling your wine ahead and closing accounts for you, so it’s very important to keep them motivated. Giving your sales reps incentives is a great way to keep them motivated to sell more of your wine. 

For example:

  • $5 per case sales incentive for new account placement to sales reps. 

  • $50 on each 10 case display the sales rep gets.

The retailer that holds your wine, and their clerks are also very important to you. So you can also create incentives for them, such as:

  • $100 gift card for Store owner/clerk who helps you see x amount of cases in x days. 

  • $1000 for yearly plans where you can create targets of your own. 

You can also offer 1 bottle free on every case, just for the sales rep or the clerk to try out. This will show them that you also care about them, it will motivate them to sell more, and they will also be able to enjoy your wine - with which they can sell more. 

4. Invest in store tastings

Store tastings are one of the best ways to get the liquid in the consumer’s mouth. If consumers like your wine and ask for it, then retailers are bound to stock up on your wines. So, one of the best ways you can put this in motion is by buying a  10 case display and offer Friday and Saturday store tastings to bring traction. Deliver your wine on Thursday and do Friday and Saturday tastings. 

If your wine sells through the tastings, then there’s a high chance you’ll get a new order. You can repeat the same thing over a period of time, but this time with a 25 case display. Repeat this until your brand is set in that store, and consumers are there for your wine. 

5. Year end trip to your winery

Take your distributor and sales reps on a trip to your winery at the end of the year. This way, they will know that you value them and appreciate the work they do. It will also give you a chance to educate them about everything that goes on in your winery, which will help them sell your wines better. You can organize special wine and food pairing tastings for them at your winery, to blend both fun and education. 

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